Meet Kenzie

ABANDONED AS AN INFANT: Kenzie Walker presumably was born in the Hunan Province of China sometime in October of 2003. The actual date is unsure. Not even a month old, Kenzie was abandoned at the train station, left in a cardboard box, wearing baby clothes and a little blue coat. Fortunately, sometime in the morning, a kind stranger found her there and took her to a nearby orphanage where she was taken in and provided for. Kenzie lived at the orphanage for approximately one year until she was adopted by an American family from Texas.

SHE HAD MUSIC IN HER SOUL: From the time she was barely able to walk music exuded from Kenzie like a fountain. Her father tells a story of how Kenzie would take chop-sticks and play rhythm patterns on the furniture, even before they left China to bring her home. Her mother tells of how Kenzie, as a mere toddler, would sit at the base of a grandfather clock and sing along with the chimes, in pitch. She would sing in her room, in her playhouse, the back yard, everywhere! The family learned that even the neighbors had become aware of Kenzie’s musical talent. You see, they discovered that for some time the couple living next door had been regularly and purposefully making it a point to relax out on their patio, surreptitiously enjoying Kenzie’s private concerts as she performed live from her playhouse.  

ONE NIGHT IN LUBBOCK: In July of 2014, Kenzie was invited to perform as an opening act for country music legend T. Graham Brown at a concert in Lubbock, TX. It just so happened that Brown's producer, Mark Carman was there as an invited guest to also appear on the program. At the insistence of Cindy Hughlett, who was already familiar with Kenzie, Carman watched her performance from the audience and as he puts it was "mesmerized". "This little girl, standing flat-footed on the stage, was plastering the back wall of a 1500 seat auditorium with sound!", say Carman. 

THE STUDIO: Following the concert Mark Carman met with Kenzie and her parents to discuss recording her and getting her story, her voice, her overall talent out the public. They agreed on terms and started the process. In November of 2014, Kenzie traveled to Nashville to record her debut recording with Award Winning producer, Mark Carman at the helm.  The production included some of the finest, most talented musicians on the planet. It was recorded at one of Nashville’s premier studios, "Sound Stage", with Joe Carrell as engineer. Carman presented Kenzie’s demos to John Mathis at Mansion Entertainment and she was quickly signed to the label for distribution through SONY/Red.  

PRESENTING KENZIE: Kenzie is intelligent, talented and engaging way beyond her years. She loves to share her story of salvation from a train station, salvation from a Chinese orphanage and Salvation as a Child of God. Her vocal ability is on par with or exceeds that of people who’ve been having hit recordings longer than she has been on the earth. She is indeed a special child, with a special story, and a special gift.

KENZIE is accepting offers for Live Engagements, Television and Radio appearances.
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Kenzie Tells her own story on Harvest TV

Contact Information

Management: MCM World Media
Contact: Mark Carman: 615-804-4665

Bookings: Tra-Star Entertainment
Contact: Frank Scherman 757-589-3889

Label: Mansion Entertainment
Contact: John Mathis: 615-598-6221

Kenzie's music is distributed globally by SONY/Red Distribution

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